Top 5 Leadership Skills That A Test Manager Must Have

Test Managers have pretty serious responsibilities on their shoulders that just cannot be ignored because they are the ones who make an incredible difference in assuring the quality and security of a particular product before it gets shipped. When it comes to software test management, a task manager is obliged to opt some “not really technical skills,” but psychological and ethical skills to lead its team.

The goal of an IT team is to achieve quick delivery of a product and a Test Manager makes it possible by making doing the job quickly and efficiently considering interpersonal communication a priority.

If you are an amateur Test Manager, the following list would be quite helpful for you to develop leadership skills:

  1. Leadership

A leader is a person who doesn’t rule over people but shows his people a direction and walk along with them. Same is the case with a Test Manager, he just not takes advantage of his authority, instead he organizes his team and brings them on the same page.

A humble nature added with a bit of terror won’t go wrong if you want to get projects done on given deadlines.

Respect and listen to each team member’s opinion and ideas because they can surely motivate them to work wholeheartedly. This is teams achieve full agility!

  1. Communication

It is communication that introduces a trail of ideas and accomplishes them in the form of a long-term project. As a Test Manager, it is crucial to maintain a friendly relation with every team member in order to exchange information and difficulties posed on both ends.

A test manager should develop a specific understanding of every developer, tester, and other team members’ work and ideologies. Because if he doesn’t know and value the individual ideas, he won’t be able to present them collectively in front of a meeting table. A face of the department should know how to represent its team.

  1. Pragmatic Planning

A pragmatic approach is the best approach. Instead of assuming what could be or should be, a test manager makes the practical implementation possible. Pragmatic planning is necessary when it’s about looking at the aspects that can help in achieving the object the quite right way.

Also, previewing the project from the business’s point of view is a crucial duty. Loopholes, if any, should be fixed before the deadline ends since the company’s reputation and the image is the first priority to maintain in the respective market.

Choosing affordable yet expert tools is another key aspect of pragmatic planning.

  1. Analytical Outlook

An analytical line of action enables a test manager to develop a strategy that can make the project successful and delivered quickly. Software test management requires an estimated viewpoint. Like, what are all those rational aspects that can hinder the chances of error occurrence? Or who is perfect to perform a particular test cycle? What can weigh down or lift the test cycle?

Before initiating any test management process, a test manager must go through each and every element analytically to see what benefits the company and the client as well.

  1. Team? Better make it a Unit

We often hear, a pack of wolves, a herd of sheep, and a team of players. But, binding people together and pushing them to work is not only what make them a team, they can be a random group pushed to gain certain purpose in time. But what if that team has no interaction or bonding?

Team building is, thus, required to turn a group of people into a unit.

What can a test manager do to unify his team?

  • Take them to lunch
  • Play sports
  • Do Gossips (Healthy ones)
  • Discussion and sharing of ideas about the trends of testing
  • Anything engaging would be good.

All the aforementioned skills are seamlessly important to bring together an expert testing team. For software test management, a test manager should master these top 5 skills to open new doors of success for the company and build healthy relationships with the clients.

Being a Test Manager is not tough if you know a right skill set!

Shane Watson

Shane Watson is professional software testing expert working with corporate sector. Shane has more than 5 years of experience.

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