Experience Super AMOLED Infinity Display With Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8Introducing the stunning infinity display for the first time in the history of smartphones, Samsung’s galaxy S8 will be the best device of all times. It’s Infinity Display has an implausible end-to-end screen that falls over the phone’s sides, creating a completely smooth, continuous exterior with no crashes or angles. Based on the aluminum shell, this is without any doubt the perfectly curved and at the same time symmetrical and singular object.  This smart phone device will have following key specifications.

  • Display size- 5.80 inches
  • Processer – 1.9 GHz octa core
  • Front Camera – 8 megapixel
  • Resolution1440 * 2960 pixels
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Operating System 7.0 android
  • Storage 64 GB
  • Rear Camera 12 megapixel
  • Battery Capacity 3000 mAH

This time Samsung is going to launch their new smartphone with advanced level security features. According to Samsung’s S8 official website “Prying eyes are not a problem when you have iris scanning on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. No two irises have the same pattern, not even yours, and they’re nearly impossible to replicate. That means with iris scanning, your phone and its contents open to your eyes only. And when you need to unlock really fast, face recognition is a handy option”.  The iris security includes the color and shape of your eye.

Not an Ordinary Camera

Capture any moment as it happens with Samsung’s galaxy S8 fully featured camera.  It’s 12 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera is so efficient, fast and accurate that you can’t even think to miss any moment either it’s a day or a night. Samsung galaxy S8 camera is built for every moment. As the world’s first 10 nm processer is installed in this fully advanced device, which makes it the most powerful and efficient in comparison to other available smartphone devices. A wide range of accessories will also be available there with this new smartphone.

If your partner has Samsung Galaxy S8 than you can install cheating spouse app to monitoring his/her activities.

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