Spying Is Now So Easy with the Help Of iKey Monitor

Software testing services/ KualitatemNow you can have a perfect and accurate spying on your employees and family members, by just using a spy app renowned as iKey Monitor.  It is the most efficient and perfect one, when it comes to monitoring of suspicious activities. It’s a simple, and at the same time fully efficient spying software, which is incorporated by the thousands of multinationals across the globe to have a clear eye on their employees and workers.  Across the globe, multinational firms take the advantage of one of these fully certified spying tool to establish optimized level spying.  Although most of the time, iKey Monitor performs efficiently well, but sometimes its users have to face vulnerabilities and inefficiencies during the installation stage. All of these kinds of bugs could be removed with the help of a software testing services Provider Company.  By employing fully reliable quality assurance tools, a QA services company can perfectly establish desired amount of results.

iKey Monitor Software Deliver The Following Benefits

A spying software like iKey Monitor deliver plenty of benefits in terms of optimized level spying and monitoring. This software is perfectly compatible with android as well as iOS devices, so any of its user can install it and achieve perfect spying. iKey Monitor deliver the following benefits to its user.

  • Monitoring of all social media accounts like WhatsApp, Twitter, BBM, Skype
  • Real Time GPS tracking of any particular employee or worker
  • Stealth camera will enable you to take secret pictures of your account
  • Call monitoring of all incoming and outgoing calls in an efficient manner
  • View browser history in a convenient fashion
  • Spying on all contacts and calendar list of a person
  • Monitoring and recording of all text messages and conversation

A spying app is now the need of an hour for all the multinational firms across the globe to keep an eye on all the suspicious activities of employees working in a firm. iKey Monitor Will only deliver the required amount of results, if it has been tested out with  a sustainable approach  by getting the help of a software testing services company.  A software testing services firm has the ability to perform outstanding quality assurance procedures by implementing automation test analysis, functional test analysis, security test analysis, usability test analysis and responsive test analysis.

Quality assurance of any particular software, especially if, it’s belongs to spying or monitoring activities is so important. It can perfectly deliver enormous amount of benefits in terms of product recognition and user’s reliability. The more a software is tested out, the better it will transform the desired quality results.

Shane Watson

Shane Watson is professional software testing expert working with corporate sector. Shane has more than 5 years of experience.

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