Quality Assurance Procedures for Statistical Process Software

Performance Testing Company- KualitatemEach and every multinational business firm out their use statistical software to make a precise analysis of every department performance in order to achieve expected future growth. Statistical software is essential to use every time when you have to make new marketing policy or have to make certain changes in existing approach. If as a business manager, you are using any statistical software in any capacity then, must test its performance in accordance with installed platforms and devices. The more a statistical software will be tested out, the less it will be vulnerable. Below, you can see the list of top statistical software out there used by the business firms to achieve expected results.

  • Infor VISUAL ERP
  • ProfitKey ERP
  • uniPoint Quality Management
  • QT9 Quality Management
  • OptiProERP
  • SAP Business One
  • Realtrac
  • Kenandy Cloud ERP

Statistical Software & It’s Performance Analysis

It’s the responsibility of every business manager out there to assure quality of any statistical software, which he is using in their marketing and operation departments. Most of the statistical software are web based and these could become the victim of performance bugs if thousands of users start accessing it through online. Performance testing measures are so vital and mandatory to establish quality and overall expected performance. Performance testing should have to be carried out as a consistent testing approach and the development team of statistical software have to make it sure that they have employed consistent performance testing approaches to assure accuracy and reliability in ending results.  Performance test analysis approaches deliver the following positive outputs.

  • It effectively access the production readiness of any particular app or software
  • Evaluate quality against performance criteria
  • Compare performance characteristic of each component
  • Evaluate throughput levels
  • Ensure hardware configuration and parameters

Software QA professionals at a software testing company use five-way performance test analysis process to accomplish optimized level quality. Yes, it’s true that performance testing is the key to achieve the quality of any statistical software and it will only deliver the results if it will be employed out in a consistent fashion. The process of performance testing is as follows.

  • Assessment of business requirement and reviewing out the features
  • Identification of key elements to setup performance testing measures
  • Creation of test scenarios and test data plan
  • Implementation and configuration of performance testing measures
  • Validation of performance analysis results
  • Analysis of results and making recommendations

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