Quality Assurance Measures for CCleaner App

When it comes to outstanding cleaning of spam files and overall app optimization, CCleaner top the list because of its outstanding cleaning features and user’s reliability. This particular cleaning app is used by the thousands of smartphone users all across the globe that is a positive sign for its developers. On the other hand, quality assurance of this app should have to be carried out in a persistent manner with the help of a software testing company. Any QA firm has the right knowledge and experience to perform independent testing of an app to maintain its quality for a long-lasting time period. CCleaner app delivers the following features to all of its users.  

  • Optimize and clean your smartphone by removing out any junk files
  • Clean application cache, browsing history, and any irrelevant content
  • Make your smartphone perfectly clean and streamline for further use
  • Fast, compact and resourceful with low memory and CPU usage
  • Monitor your overall app usage to enhance productivity

Benefits of Implementing Mobile Apps Testing Procedures

As the competition among the apps has become more and more intense over the period of time, so it’s the requirement of any app development firm to assure quality for a long-lasting time. The development team of CCleaner app has to make it sure that their app is precisely tested out every time at the launching of new updates.  Hiring a software testing company will be the best way to achieve consistent quality in end results.

Mobile app testing is the key to contain the overall expected quality of an app on any available device or platform. Automated mobile app testing is the best way to achieve the persistent quality of an app so as to enhance over user’s appreciation. Smartphone user’s love to download and install that app, which delivers them the desired expected quality in output. Mobile apps testing is a comprehensive process, which is based on the following parameters.

  • User experience testing of an app through real experience user testing and user reviews
  • Device hardware analysis of an app through iOS hardware testing and Android hardware testing
  • Cross-platform compatibility / responsive analysis through compatibility analysis and real platform testing
  • App adaptability measurement through operating system adaptability and smart device adaptability evaluation
  • Communication medium testing of an app through App wireless testing and App network testing


Shane Watson

Shane Watson is professional software testing expert working with corporate sector. Shane has more than 5 years of experience.

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