Performance Testing Of General Ledger Software

general-ledger-softwareA General Ledger Software is widely used by the manufacturing firms to ensure a precise and reliable accounting management of their work. Any General ledger software help organizations to meet the unique needs of their fast-growing business by performing their accurate accounting.  Now, almost every firm out there is using a general ledger software to have a complete recording and understanding of their accounting work. Any of this software must require to be evaluated with the help of a performance testing company. Otherwise, users might have to face a substantial amount of decline in results. Software quality assurance and performance testing of any software is extremely important.  Following are the top of the line general ledger software out there employed by the multinationals across the globe.

  • Intacct
  • NetSuite
  • Cougar Mountain
  • Multiview
  • Sage Live
  • Aplos Accounting
  • SAP Anywhere

Mechanism of Performance Testing

Often, great software becomes the victim of their success, when more than 10000 users start to use it at the same time. It happens because of the reason of lacks in the implementation of performance testing measures. Performance testing helps to find out the bottlenecks impacting the quality of a software and reducing its desired quality level. Performance testing of any general ledger software is essential as it delivers the accurate results related to hardware configuration and software sustainability. Any performance testing company out there, use powerful test analysis tools delivering the precise and accurate results. Web Load, QA load, Silk performer, and JMeter are the most widely used test analysis tools employed by a performance testing company to find out actual level of performance bugs.

Performance testing of general ledger software is mandatory because it evaluates the quality of an IT system against performance criteria. As a quality assurance manager you have to be more consistent in the employment of performance testing tools, any gap or hurdle in performance test analysis procedures will surely affect the quality. Any performance testing company out there use a five-way performance analysis process to evaluate actual level quality possess by a software. Through this comprehensive testing approach, they identify the vulnerabilities those might be catastrophic for the future growth. Performance testing process is as follows.

  • Assessment of business requirements and identification of key testing elements
  • Identification of performance test matrices
  • Creation and configuration of performance test matrices
  • Execution of test cases

Analysis of results and preparation of documents. Cheating wife app can also be used for performance testing.

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