Performance testing of amber POS Software

Performance Testing CompanyPoint of sale software are now an essential part of any firm ranging from any kind of small level to midsized level business. In United State, Canada and Europe amber POS is the most preferred choice of any business in order to streamline overall sales process. This software also provide the functions of advanced customer relationship management. With amber POS, users can track the record of inventory deliverance and personal detail of any user. This software also enable its users to make a perfect analysis of their daily sales number. It’s essential for the development team of amber POS to sustain the productivity and performance of their software by evaluating it on the basis of its performance standards. By evaluating a software on the basis of its performance can really transform plenty of benefits in terms of quality assurance and stability maintenance.

Process of Performance Testing:

Performance testing basically refers to the scenario, where the group of software testing analysts evaluate a software performance by exerting diverse nature load testing artifacts.  Performance testing is an important part of quality assurance, which enable users to get the best out of their software in a reliable fashion. Performance of a POS software like amber POS has to be analyzed and rectified with the help of a performance testing company, having years of experience in performance testing artifacts implementation and analysis. The process of performance testing is based on the following steps.

Collection of Business Requirements: This step includes the assessment of business requirements, reviewing of application features and identification of key elements to setup test environment.

Plan & Strategize: This step includes the identification of performance test matrices, their baseline values and creation of performance testing plans.

Define & Design: In the 3rd step of performance testing, scenarios are created and testing environment is configured to access performance.

Execution: Following performance testing step includes execution of test cases, validation of results and recording of outcomes.

Deliver:  The last phase of performance testing includes the analysis of results and making of performance testing recommendations in a detailed report.

It’s the utmost responsibility of amber POS development manager to access accuracy and performance of their developed program by hiring a performance testing company. Testing will only deliver the required level of results, if it is employed in a constant fashion. The most advanced and reliable performance testing tools are…

  • Load Runner
  • QA Load
  • Silk Performer
  • Jmeter

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