Performance Maintenance of Power Clean App

Every smartphone user out there wants to install a cleaner app, which delivers some great benefits of smartphone cleaning and enhancement in storage space capacity. Power clean app is rated among the top most smartphone cleaning app out there which is installed by the more than 2 million smartphone users across the globe. This app really helps its users to speed up the overall mobile functions. It’s the responsibility of this app developers to maintain overall performance quality of their app by hiring the services of a software testing company.  The top of the line features of Power clean app is as follows.

  • It helps users to clean up files and unwanted data
  • Perfect memory storage cleaner for personal smart device
  • Newly added features of antivirus and Facebook cache cleaning
  • Optimize your power consumption and battery charging capacity

Why USE performance Testing Measures for Power clean app

Performance test analysis of power clean app is really essential to assure overall quality and accuracy in performance.  As this particular app is installed and used by the thousands of smartphone users across the globe, so any performance vulnerability will surely affect the overall quality in ending results. Any software testing company loves to use the way of performance testing because it helps to evaluate throughput, reliability, scalability, and responsiveness of an app under testing.

This app can become the victim of its own success when a substantial amount of users starts accessing it at the same time.  Performance inefficiencies will occur only when an app will not be tested out on the basis of its performance on consistent grounds. Sustainability in app testing is the key to achieve desired expected goals related to software analysis. An independent software testing company use the following way of performance test analysis to assure preciseness and overall quality in end results.

  • Assessment of an app on the basis of its performance orientation
  • Reviewing out the application features in comparison to its benchmark
  • Setting up the baseline KPIs to initiate performance testing
  • Identification of key elements for performance analysis
  • Making decision about performance test matrices
  • Defining out the time, tools and types of performance test matrices
  • Creation of test scenarios/performance analysis frameworks
  • Execution of test scenarios and removal of identified bugs
  • Giving recommendations to assure overall performance quality

Shane Watson

Shane Watson is professional software testing expert working with corporate sector. Shane has more than 5 years of experience.

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