How to Perform QA of Audio Beats App

Beats Music - Software testing companyNow you can listen to your favorite audio / mp3 tracks with a most beautiful and user’s friendly music player, and that is audio beats. This is an innovatively designed new audio player app with a huge appreciation of users. This app is developed by Next Mobi developers, and now you can enjoy a 40% off on its premium features. Thousands of smartphone users have installed this app on their smartphone, in order to listen to the music of their own choice. Audio Beats is the hottest music player app of 2017. The adoption rate of this app is really high as compared to its rival apps, so it’s necessary for its developers to assure quality by hiring a software testing Services Company, having years of experience in quality assurance. This app delivers following outstanding audio features to all of its smartphone users.

  • Support all audio file formats
  • Powerful beats equalizer
  • Tons of free themes
  • Easily accessible play queue anywhere on just right swipe.
  • Easily add tracks & drag up/down music
  • Navigation by Folder
  • Home Widget Support & Lock screen widget support

Performance Testing For Audio Beats App

Performance testing plays a significant role in assuring the overall performance and accuracy of an app like audio beats app to make it sure that it performs well on all available platforms and devices. Software testing services firms have a comprehensive test analysis performance test analysis strategy to ensure reliability on all available platforms. Performance testing identifies the problem source of a bug due to which quality of an app could be declined over time.

The developers of Audio Beats app have to make it sure that they have employed performance testing measure in a sustainable fashion in order to achieve expected future growth. They have to be consistent while implementing test analysis strategies to assure the quality of their app on any platform or device. The more they will be consistent, the better they will be able to improve their presence in the market. The process of performance testing is as follows.

  • Assessment of business requirement to initiate performance testing measures
  • Identification of key performance testing frameworks
  • Defining out the time, tools and types of performance tests
  • Implementation of performance testing measures
  • Execution of test analysis scenarios
  • Analysis of results and making recommendations

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