Penetration Testing is An Essential Process

Security-Risk-AssessmentA software has to face the risk of security vulnerabilities and threats after its development. If an accurate process of risk assessment is not followed during the development stages then it’s obvious that software might have to face a threat to its overall security. JobAdder is a cloud-based recruitment platform specially designed for recruitment and staffing agencies. Development team of that software must have to maintain performance standards by applying penetration testing tools. As the time passes the chances of vulnerabilities increased and the probability of being attached to a bugs and threats are amplified. To maintain its overall optimal level performance and utility it’s essential for developers of JobAdder to hire the services of penetration testing company.

How Penetration Testing Company Delivers Desired Results

As per a careful estimation, security flaws in a software are the key reason behind the decline in its overall utility. If penetration testing procedures are not implemented by developers by getting the help of a penetration testing company then software might have to face a decline in its user’s appreciation. A testing company  like Kualitatem will ensure that their clients always gets  accurate and standardized penetration testing services.

Kualitatem has a team of professionals those evaluate a software strength to resist against vulnerabilities and threats. They have designed and developed tools and frameworks to evaluate any bugs and vulnerabilities related to threats. Penetration testing framework is based on four phases. In first phase, list of vulnerabilities attached to a software is written down. By doing so penetration testing team efficiently able to find out the nature of risks and how these could be removed by using efficient penetration testing tool. Second and third phase is basically related with the identification of high-risk area and how to address it by defining tools and their implementation.

After the completion and implementation of penetration testing tools, recommendation and improvement report is developed which describes the process; how risk and vulnerabilities could be detached.  Design and development team of JobAdder must have to take penetration testing as a continuous process. Just as the software testing, penetration testing is an essential process that must be carried out by the developers with continuous intervals. Penetration testing company will certainly help software development businesses to manage risk properly by removing all kinds of attached vulnerabilities and risk to their software.

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