Maintain the performance Of Your Software with Kualitee

Software Testing ToolsSoftware testing tools are always helpful for developers to optimize the overall performance standards of their software by finding out the bugs affecting overall performance. Software testing is now a mandatory approach to find out the bugs in a reliable fashion, and testing tools play a significant role to evaluate bugs in a noteworthy manner.  Kualitee has now become the most preferred choice of worldwide QA services firm to sustain perfection in output. The long-term use of Kualitee as a testing tool can really help you to achieve expected results. The positive aspects of Kualitee are as follows.

  • Kualitee has a simple, beautiful and interactive interface, which makes testing a full of fun activity. Testing becomes more resourceful when you use Kualitee.
  • While using Kualitee as a testing tool, you can easily get the email notifications every time, when an issue will be raised by its automated process.
  • Now as a QA tester, you can easily create roles with a certain set of privileges to make sure that testers perform specific job roles. These job roles might be as
  • Admin Tester
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Test Manager
  • You can enjoy the luxury of SSL encryption so as to perform your testing sprints with perfect security and reliability.
  • The processing way of Kualitee is very intuitive, and enable users to maintain proper documentation and reports of their daily, weekly and monthly tasks in an appropriate fashion.
  • Kualitee allows you to create reports, in any of your desired format (Excel, Word, and Access).
  • QA services firm’s loves to Use Kualitee as a testing tool, because it gives the detailed picture of the type of bugs attached to your IT product or software. You can monitor the bug history any time with multiple information pointers option of Kualitee.
  • Among all the top of the line software testing tools, Kualitee delivers the best in class test management option to ascertain bugs in an advanced fashion. While performing testing, Kualitee will provide you a flexible approach to assure proficiency in results.
  • Through Kualitee, you can make the copies of your test cases, so as to use these for future purpose. Test case writing is a repetitive job, making templates will surely ease your work.
  • Synchronization with JIRA is another great feature of Kualitee to detect bugs and remove these in an appropriate manner.

Shane Watson

Shane Watson is professional software testing expert working with corporate sector. Shane has more than 5 years of experience.

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