Kualitee Is A Perfect Substitute Of JIRA Integration Tools

Jira IntegrationFrom now on developers of a software like FlexBooker can use Kualitee as a perfect substitute or JIRA integration tools in order to manage their whole test plans and test case with complete ease and perfection. It has a quite simple, interactive and beautiful interface which will make the testing a full of fun activity.  That is a perfect result oriented and advanced class test management platform; that have the features of bug management, test management and project management of the software. To use Kualitee for managing the whole testing framework will surely allow the developers of FlexBooker to uphold long-lasting in performance.

Features of Flex Booker

It’s an efficiently designed and developed web-based appointment management solution; which enable users to manage multiple appointments in a timely fashion. This software also offers the features of creating automated appointments as per the lists and automatic time zone. For salons, spas, accountants, barbers, lawyers and doctors; that particular software is perfectly helpful in organizing their future appointments. The important factor that will prove the success of this software is its long lasting and that will only be possible when the software is evaluated by using JIRA Integration tools.

Kualitee is the most efficient and advanced test management tool which delivers the same level of test management  frameworks as are delivered by the JIRA Integration tools. Its features of testing framework management, bugs evaluation management, and project management are the most perfect ones to interpret the level of bugs and inefficiencies attached to software and how these could be removed. Only those software will deliver the desired benefits which are perfectly safer and secure and evaluated by using an advance quality test management tools.  Kualitee provides a stress-free environment that manages the whole testing life cycle. There will be no any added cost of hardware or purchasing a software; when to use Kualitee as a testing tool.

It has a completely powerful dashboard; which delivers the quick status of all the testing projects which are under testing. As Kualitee is a perfect substitute of JIRA Integration tools; so users of it have the facility of flexible user controls and multiple access mediums. These features will help developers to have multiple login categories as well as multiple ways of tracking the bugs attached to the software. By getting the benefits of this test management tool; developers of FlexBooker can easily maintain long lasting and continuity in its software.

Shane Watson

Shane Watson is professional software testing expert working with corporate sector. Shane has more than 5 years of experience.

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