Kualitee! A Bug Management Tool with Plenty OF Innovative Features

A bug management tool can help development teams to ensure the quality of their product by removing out the bugs in a timely fashion. A wide range of bug management tools are available out there, but among all of these Kualitee is the best one. It has some extraordinary features related to bug management.  Every independent software testing company love to use Kualitee for their test analysis projects to ensure sustainability in output. Implementation of software testing procedures is an essential approach to rectify bugs during the development period. Kualitee can help its users to achieve the following benefits over the time.

Powerful Dashboard Features

Kualitee gives its users complete dashboard features through which they can watch out the quick status of projects as they log them. They can view the ongoing test projects, their situations, and scenarios to remove bugs in a timely fashion.  With its powerful dashboard, testers can enhance the quality of their product in a short period.

Project Management Features 

Kualitee has a powerfully designed project module that allows test managers to manage, create and integrate test projects to improve the overall performance of their product. With Kualitee, they can efficiently manage and align their testing sprints by creating result oriented test scenarios and test cases. Kualitee delivers an end to end test management cycle to execute test procedures in a well-organized fashion.

Test Management Features

Kualitee delivers more than the conventional bug management tools available out there. It’s an ultimate test management solution, which helps its users to perform detailed test plans and test cases. Through it, you can have the full control to use and execute test cases according to your requirement. It’s export features allows converting data in shape of PDF, CVS and excel format.

Defect Management Features

Kualitee gives a detailed picture of all kinds of defects. Its information-rich test analysis format helps to report and track the bugs any time during the test lifecycle.  Get the advantage of two-way integration with JIRA tool. You can also use custom fields to make test integration more reliable and perfectly affordable.  QA professionals of a software testing company can enjoy the luxury of flexible reporting through Kualitee.

Ending Note

Any particular software will only perform well when it is analyzed through comprehensive test analysis measures.  Bug management tools can help development teams to enhance the overall quality of their product and achieve more and more user’s appreciation.

Shane Watson

Shane Watson is professional software testing expert working with corporate sector. Shane has more than 5 years of experience.

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