Eliminate Bugs with Kualitee to Sustain Precision in Output

It’s always essential for the developers of an IT product to eliminate any chances of bugs in their product by implementing diverse nature software testing tools.  As an independent software development firm, you have two choices in your pocket. You can buy a tool like Kualitee to detect bugs and vulnerabilities at the initial stage of development life cycle or hire the services of a software testing company to contain the quality of an app/ software in order to sustain quality. As a development firm, you might have used diverse nature test analysis tools, but among all Kualitee is the best one in terms of test assurance and performance maintenance.

Manage Your Test Project with Ease and Perfection

Kualitee is the most optimized and fully beneficial software testing tool, which delivers the following positive outputs to all of its users.

  • It has a stress free environment to manage your testing lifecycle. You don’t have to bear any new added cost of dedicated hardware or purchasing software to run your test operations.
  • From macro to micro level, you can see every aspect of bug evaluation process to eliminate any chance of future vulnerabilities and inefficiencies.
  • Kualitee delivers an added control over your test management lifecycle. There are multiple login categories for users according to the control provided to them.
  • It’s bug management feature gives you the detailed picture of types of defects through which you can capture bugs by reporting different aspects of abnormalities.
  • Software QA professionals of a software testing company love to use Kualitee, because it allows them to create integrate and manage their test cycles in an appropriate fashion to deliver expected outcome.
  • Likewise, the other available software testing tools, Kualitee also provide integrated build management feature. Now it’s users can create independent builds and module teams within the test cycles.
  • You can create module builds as per the requirement under it. With the help of Kualitee, you can add new test users as per the available package and can add the new project with associated tasks.
  • Kualitee as the most optimized testing tool will help you to develop and execute detailed test plan and test cases. You can simply use test cases and reuse these test cases in your regression cycles.
  • As a quality assurance manager, you can now attach screenshots and can link to their test cases while using Kualitee as a software testing tool.

Shane Watson

Shane Watson is professional software testing expert working with corporate sector. Shane has more than 5 years of experience.

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