When It Becomes Necessary To Hire A Security Testing Company

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Security testing is an important part of quality assurance process, which is carried out by a security testing company in order to remove all kinds of security bugs and vulnerabilities. Testing is vital to establish reliability and efficiency in results. Security vulnerabilities could be occurred because of the reason, if proper security test analysis is not conducted out by hiring a software testing company. Now, almost every organization out there, have installed their own custom designed software and IT tools, those might easily be attached to security bugs and vulnerabilities.



Security Testing Analysis! Which Is The Best Company

security_testingSecurity testing refers to scenario, where a specific software or IT infrastructure is tested out by employing fully efficient and reliable security testing tools. Any software becomes more vulnerable and exposed to security bugs with the passage of time, if standardized and optimal quality testing artifacts are not implemented by its developer in a constant fashion. In order to remove all the security bugs affecting a particular software or IT program that you have developed, you have to hire the services of a security testing company so as to accomplish perfection in results.  The more a security testing procedure will be employed in a constant fashion the better it will transform the results. A number of security testing companies are out there, whom are engaged in the quality assurance and security performance management. You can see the list of top most security testing companies, right below. (more…)


Why Security Is Becoming A Major Threat for Worldwide Software Development Houses

software-securitySecurity test analysis for every software is important, and has to be carried out in a timely fashion. A security testing company can really assure the security of a software by strengthening its safety measure via accurate and resourceful quality assurance and quality control procedures. As the team lead of development house, it’s your responsibility to make a security test plan so as to assure the performance and preciseness in quality deliverance of your developed product. If you want to accomplish desired operational goals related to security maintenance, you have to be consistent and must hire the services of a security testing company. The more you will work on software security management the more beneficial results you will achieve. (more…)


Impact of Vulnerability Assessment Services on FunctionFox Software

Vulnerability AssessmentFunctionFox is an industry leader in providence the facility of timely reporting, robust rescheduling, project management applications, user friendly time sheets and assignments reporting. Originally designed and developed by a renowned advertising agency to meet the unique needs of creative teams and project analysts to perform tasks in an efficient way. FunctionFox is a simple, cost effective and best quality efficiently designed software which allow its users to improve accountability of their work. Its capabilities are efficiently suited for specific billing, timesheets requirements which includes designing and proper advertising. It can support an unlimited number of clients and projects to manage things in an efficient way. FunctionFox allows its users to track easily projects. Quotes, Budgets of their ongoing projects in an effective way. Users of that software can use it on a different range of platforms like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Linux. Although the developers of that software have designed and developed that software in a fully efficient and advanced way, there are always chances of some security threats and vulnerabilities. To cope with that kind of situation developers of that software has to conduct an assessment test with the help of a vulnerability assessment services providers.

The Role Vulnerability Assessment Services

Vulnerability assessment is an important part of overall software testing process and it has to be conducted by the developers with regular intervals. Over a period of time a software like FunctionFox has to face a severe threat on the basis of their security standards. As to maintain the top level security standards developers have to make a contact with a Vulnerability assessment services providers so as to keep the security of their designed and developed software to a higher standards. Kualitatem is among the top most efficient vulnerability assessment services providers in the world.

They have a team of professionals which have years of experience in performing assessment services in an efficient manner. An appropriate four step procedure is clearly defined by the testing teams to identify any kinds of vulnerability form a specific software. In first step testing officials of Kualitatem will list the vulnerabilities which are associated with software like FunctionFox and then identify the risks attached. As Kualitatem is renowned as the most advanced vulnerability assessment services providers, so they make it sure that their clients get the perfect security assessment services.

 In-depth manual and automated security assessment has been carried out by the professionals at Kualitatem so as to maintain the highest standards of vulnerability assessment over a period of time. The developers of FunctionFox must have to contact them as they are ranked as the number one vulnerability assessment services providers around the globe.